Table of Contents

  1. 1. Business Problem
  2. 2. User Research
  3. 3. Strategy
  4. 4. Design
  5. 5. Results

Case Study: BookedUp

A conversion optimised call booking and service sales site

Business Problem

BookedUp is a full-service website studio that makes high converting Wordpress templates for independent tour operators. It helps boost tour sales by making responsive, intuitive, websites with seamless booking integration. I designed a strategy and landing page, as well a writing the copy, with the goal of generating hot leads. I collaborated with a full-stack developer and lead generation virtual assistant.  

Research & Discovery

After speaking with several tour operators, and analysing the websites of many more, my observations were: Most tour operators are using a third-party booking system, most of which integrate with Wordpress. Most are not very “techie” and need something easy and intuitive to use, that requires little upkeep on their part. Many users booking tours are on vacation, and therefore using mobile to find and book their activities.

Strategy & Approach

  • I planned an entire funnel system strategy that included reaching out to prospects via a cold email campaign, a landing page, call booking, and a payment page - with Facebook retargeting pixels to recapture some lost leads.
  • We set up multivariate A/B testing at each stage of the user journey: cold email templates, landing page, and buy now page, as well as scripts used in sales calls.

    • Customized Wordpress backend for results tracking  

      Designing Solutions

      • I sketched wireframes to get a layout of the landing page, using a similar layout I often pull from to guide the user down the page: start with an alluring question, imagine the solution, state authority, etc.
      • Throughout the entire funnel, conversion optimisation techniques were used, including: microcopy, yellow button colour, suggestive copy, trigger words, numerous varying calls to action.
High fidelity prototypes created using Photoshop and Illustrator


  • A fully repeatable and trackable system meant to be optimised and iterated according to testing results.
  • A mostly automated cold email compaign using Quickmail and Yesware, high converting landing page, 2-step call booking by embedding, and a secure payment page accepting Stripe and Paypal.

  • Every step of the system is tracked with KPIs, making it easier to calculate the cost of acquiring each new client.

  • Once the system has been used more and collects data, we’ll also know an approximation of how many cold prospects should be contacted to acquire each new client, making the business both sustainable and easy to grow.
  • From a small sample beta run, we successfully generated several hot leads interested in getting new BookedUp websites.


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