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  1. 1. Vision
  2. 2. Strategy
  3. 3. Design
  4. 4. Results

Case Study: The Canadian Explorer Co.

A model Wordpress booking website designed for tour operators for sales purposes


The Canadian Explorer Co. is a Wordpress template for independent adventure tour operators. It was created as a model site to show client leads what the potential was for their own website. The target market were small operations with very outdated websites in desperate need of a revamp. My goal was to make something high converting so they could book more customers directly through their website rather than tour directories who take a commission on the sales. It should be simple for them to use, as most were not very technically savvy.

An example site of the target market


I mapped out a basic user journey that funneled users from the homepage through to the tour booking. At each step, it should be easy for customers to get in contact, or book a tour. Some clients may need further pages, but this is the bare bones structure to build on for a high converting tour website.

Basic user flow structure


A lot of travellers will be searching on mobile so we put a link with the company phone number in the fixed top header for simple call enquiries. The website is fully responsive, customers can book straight from their mobile or tablet without compromising the experience.

Most tour operators we spoke to said the majority of their clients find them through TripAdvisor, so we embedded their reviews in the site on the home page, and below the book now button for extra psychological reassurance.

I added an internal ad system, meaning they could advertise certain tours in the sidebar of their blog and articles, depending on which was most appropriate to the content being shown. Clients would be able to change the tour shown in their Wordpress backend.

On the tour details pages, a sticky book now button follows users down the page in the right hand column, so they can easily book at any moment. The book now button has an embedded third party booking system, as we found that most tour operators were already using a booking system their were happy with, which opens in a popup window.


High fidelity prototypes

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