Table of Contents

  1. 1. The Problem
  2. 2. The Task
  3. 3. Business Goals
  4. 4. Key User Needs
  5. 5. Approach
  6. 6. Learnings
  7. 7. Results

Case Study: Visa Legal Team

A paralegal immigration firm looking to streamline their process for vetting and registering Diversity Visa clients

Visa Legal Team provides multi-lingual paralegal immigration services to European and Latin American citizens looking for legal entry into the United States. The Diversity Visa Lottery program gives the opportunity to residents of certain countries with specific education levels and/or occupations to apply for, and win, a green card. The eligibility requirements are vast, and the United States government website is confusing.

The Problem:

How can we make it easy for green card hopefuls to find out if they can apply for this program? How can we service them without wasting the company's billable hours fielding phone call and email inquiries? Currently, Visa Legal Team has potential clients fill out a Google form, and the company then reviews it and responds to let them know if they're eligible and offer their visa application services. But can we remove the company from this process? If automated, how can we turn eligible inquiries into paying clients? How might we service applicants in a cost effective way, while gaining their trust? What is the best way to ensure their application is filled out correctly, thus increasing their chance of approval? What about ineligible inquiries - can we help them in another way?

The Task:

My task for this project was to create a smart and intuitive system to answer these questions in the most cost effective and efficient way. The client had an existing Wordpress website template, and I was to make a small web app to fit within the template, matching the interface.

Business Goals:

  • Automate Diversity Visa eligibility checks so less time is spent replying to enquiries.
  • Gather data of interested, but ineligible users, to offer other immigration options.
  • Get all the eligible registrant's information so that the client can simply fill out the application request.
  • Eliminate chasing unpaid invoices.
Key User Needs:
  • Easily check eligibility with instant feedback.
  • Change language to either Spanish or German.
  • Pay with European debit cards and banking apps.
  • No-hassle registration, no waiting for form exchange.

Competitive Analysis:

We found another website offering a similar service, but the application was chaotic and confusing, we wanted a simpler version.


  • We broke down each form into a series of steps to make it easily navigable and digestible.
  • We used progressive disclosure to show only what was necessary on the screen to reduce drop-offs and guide users down the path to completion.
  • We set KPIs to measure the success of each stage of the app based on the completion rate for each section.
User flow diagram created in Sketch

User interface style guide


  • We discovered it would be better to put the payment wall before the registration forms so that only serious applicant's can apply, otherwise risking drop-offs.
  • To reduce errors, we added a “review” table to the end of the registration stage for users to ensure their information is all entered correctly.
  • We found that when users do need to edit, they must navigate back to the correct field, which is not ideal, so we added a WYSIWYG editor to the review field for corrections.


The client has clear, repeatable standard operating procedures for vetting and registering her Diversity Visa clients with minimal time and effort required. The user can check if they're eligible to apply in three simple steps, pay, and register within a few minutes.

What Melissa Perez, Founder of Visa Legal Team, had to say:


As the owner of my company, I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. I was very satisfied with Shaz's web design. She worked very hard to create what I had envisioned. Not only was she very knowledgeable and efficient, but she also offered suggestions and creative ideas throughout the process. I was very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. I will refer Shaz to any business associates who are looking for quality UX/UI designers!

*Unfortunately, before moving into development of this project, Donald Trump announced he was ending the Diversity Visa program and this app was put on hold.


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