Seamless user experience design

for personalityful businesses

I don't just make your web app beautiful,
I make it work.

Let's focus on your goals, to create the perfect experience for your user, so that you can run your business like a boss.
Sound good?

3 WAYS we can grow your business together...

landing page design

Are you offering something
seriously awesome and
want to maximize profits?

Guuurrrl, you need a landing page! Boost your conversions with a super focused and strategic landing page. Whether you're selling services, courses, digital products, or physical products, implementing data-driven tactics can be the difference between your buy button gathering pixel dust, or your bank account brimming with joy.


Is your business mega
badass but your website is
a bit BLAH?

It's time to inject some of that badassyness into your online space with a complete refresh! I've got you covered on all things branding, responsiveness, user experience, and user interface - always with funnel systems in place to help you accomplish your goals. Delivered as a complete web package ready for hand off to your (or my) developer.


Have a wild and crazy idea
but not quite sure how to

Are you confused by all the opinions on platforms, CMSs, and third party applications? Let me help guide you on your user reasearch, get super clear on your personas and website objectives, and narrow down your functional specifications so you can tackle your project with the confidence and control of a BOSS and a clear action plan.

Ready for some real talk?


Or just hey!
I'm Shaz, a nomadic entrepreneur
and ux/ ui designer.

I help startup founders and business folk create seamless user experiences that ooze personality and bring home the bacon. With a background in fashion, I've been designing for the web for over 3 years. I geek out over making things easy, efficient, and sustainable. And beach towns, matcha, and pugs. I freakin love pugs.


I send out occasional digital swag,
website tips, and updates when
I've got something shareworthy. Want in?

No spammy bullshit, promise.

Not only was Shaz very knowledgeable and efficient, but she also offered suggestions and creative ideas throughout the process. I was very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. I will refer Shaz to any business associates who are looking for quality UX/UI designers!

- Melissa Perez, Founder of Visa Legal Team

Shaz is a true star. Not only is she a fantastic designer, but her in-depth knowledge of digital strategy allows her to truly make a huge, positive impact.

- Rory Kermack, Founder of Kermack Creative


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